2nd Workshop on Space Robustness and Assurance

Navigation Cybersecurity and protection Systems.

14 and 15 June 2018, Palazzo del BO, Padova, Italy

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DAY 1, June 14 Morning - Techniques and Algorithms

Time Topic Name Position Affiliation Country
9.30 Welcome and Opening Dr. Nicola Laurenti Head of GNSS group, Department of Information Engineering University of Padova Italy
9.40 Samuele Fantinato Head of Advanced Navigation Unit Qascom Italy
10.00 Dr. Matteo Paonni Galileo Sector JRC - European Commission Italy
10.20 Dr. Jan Wendel Navigation Unit Airbus Germany
10.40 coffe break
11.00 Gianluca Caparra DEI GNSS Group University of Padova Italy
11.20 Prof. Thomas Pany Head of Institute of Space Technology and Space Applications (ISTA) Universität der Bundeswehr München Germany
11.40 Prof. Fabio Dovis Head of GNSS group Politecnico of Turin Italy
12.00 (Slot TBD)

DAY 1, June 14 Afternoon - GNSS Applications

Time Topic Name Position Affiliation Country
14.00 Welcome and Opening Mark Holbrow, Vice-Chairman of the workshop Director Spirent UK
14.10 Alberto Tuozzi Director of Navigation and Communication Italian Space Agency (ASI) Italy
14.30 Sergio Greco Vice President, Satellite Navigation Thales Alenia Space France
14.50 Dr. Lisa Mazzuca Search and Rescue (SAR) Mission Manager NASA US
15.10 coffe break
15.40 Alessandro Ambri Head of Galileo PRS Business Area Leonardo Italy
16.00 Paco Salabert GNSS and institutional area coordinator Eurocontrol Belgium
16.20 Dr. Chris Wullems Radionavigation Engineer ESA - Telespazio Vega The Netherlands
16.40 Prof Rafal Zbikowski Centre for Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems Cranfield University UK
17.00 Dr. Diana Fontanella Signal Tools & Receivers Team AirbusGermany
17.20 "PANEL: Security requirements in safety and financial critical applications: where we are and where are we going"

DAY 2, June 15 - Space mission and services updates

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Time Topic Name Position Affiliation Country
9.30 Welcome and Opening Dr. Oscar Pozzobon, Chairman of the workshop Director Qascom Italy
9.40 Prof. Roberto Battiston President Italian Space Agency (ASI) Italy
10.00 Matthias Petschke (TBC) Director, EU Satellite Navigation Programs European Commission Belgium
10.20 Stefano Iannitti Head of Security European GNSS Agency Czech Republic
10.40 Coffe break
11.10 Jörg Hahn Head of Galileo System Procurement Service European Space Agency (ESA) The Netherlands
11.30 Go Takizawa Executive Director of QZSS Strategy National Space Policy Secretariat Japan
11.50 James J. Miller Deputy Director, Policy & Strategic Communications, Space Comm & Nav NASA US
12.10 Massimo Mercati Competent PRS Authorithy Presidenza del Consiglio Italy
12.30 Lunch break
14.00 Ignacio Fernández-Hernández Galileo Authentication and CS manager European CommissionBelgium
14.20 Marco Salvietti Vice President, Communication for Defence Systems Leonardo Italy
14.40 Marco Brancati Chief Technical Officier Telespazio Italy
15.00 Coffe break
15.30 Joaquim Fortuny-Guasch Head of Galileo Sector JRC - European CommissionItaly
15.30 Marco Detratti .European Defence Agency (EDA)Belgium
16.10 Round Table The future of GNSS robustness and space cybersecurity in a global scenario
16.50 Greeting and closing